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Pictures provided by Mr. Charlie Eller and Ben Cook

The Brahma Football Team finished up their Brahmalympics competition.  The semester long event has the boys compete in athletic events as well as academics, citizenship, and community service.  The final event was a relay competition that was held on Tuesday.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the competition.  Thank you to all our young men for working hard to become the best they can be!


Coach Ben Cook


In our continued effort to keep you informed I have some information I would like to share with you.


Strength and Conditioning Camp FAQ’s


What days of the week do the kids work out?

The camp is Monday – Thursday


Are they required to go every day?  What about vacations?

We understand that your son’s attendance at this camp is voluntary.  We also understand that the summer is a great time for vacations and connecting with family.  We understand there will be days they miss.  Not a problem!


Is the registration money all due upfront?

You may pay the total upfront.  If you would like to make payments that is not a problem.  Please indicate that on your registration form.




Attached is information about our physicals.  We highly encourage you to take advantage of this offer.  We will offer this on Saturday, May 20th.  Cost is $20.00  due on May 12th.  Athletes will be screened for BOTH a medical physical and AugustHeart Screening.  Again, please see attachment for further details.  Physical Attachment


Additional Attachments


2017 Football Schedule


2017 Spring Training Football Calendar


This is for our JV and Varsity on campus.  Please feel free to attend any of our after school practices.  We will have our spring game on

May 18t – More details to come!


2017 Strength and Conditioning Camp





Please visit our website and see the links at the top of the page concerning physicals and participation paperwork.  It is vital that we get all of this taken care of prior to your son being able to participate in our programs.  The deadline to sign up for the physicals we are offering is tomorrow.  If you look at what is offered, it is a tremendous value for what you are getting.  We highly encourage you to take advantage of this offer.


If you will look at the bottom of the medical section on the website you will see a link for participation paperwork.  We need this done as soon as you can.  Any athlete that does not have this in addition to a physical will not be allowed to participate.   You can also access that link here



Program Culture


 This off season our leadership team and our coaching staff have worked hard to develop our player’s creed.  We feel that creating a positive culture is critical to the success of our program.  Our primary mission is to educate young men and prepare them to be successful in whatever life endeavor they choose.  We believe we have a unique platform to use High School Football to teach those lessons.  Attached to this email is the creed that our players developed.  I am proud to say it will be displayed in our new facility for years to come.  Please take the time to read over it.  We are proud of what we are building here at MacArthur.  Your boys will be a part of that very soon!




Camp forms will be attached to this email.  You may also access those at  Also please follow us on twitter @brahmafbtx   and @brahmanation


On behalf of our entire staff here at MacArthur I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to coach your boys.  As parents ourselves we appreciate the awesome responsibly you entrust us with.  We look forward to working with your boys!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Go Brahmas!


Ben Cook

Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach

MacArthur High School

San Antonio, Texas